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Using a Photo Booth to Promote Your Brand

Looking to increase publicity and draw in more visitors at the next trade show or convention? By renting a photo booth to promote your brand at your next event  you can generate new interest in your company for years to come.

Put A Logo On It    

When you rent a photo booth, you have total control over how the photos are designed and edited. Take advantage of this by including company logos in each picture. A small logo in the center of the picture will be unobtrusive, yet it will clearly indicate that your company is responsible for the photo. This way, visitors who post the photos on Facebook, Instagram, or even their refrigerators will inadvertently advertise for your company.

Social Media Savvy

Given the sheer volume of people who see social media posts, it’s not enough to simply give visitors the opportunity to upload photo booth pictures to Facebook. Most modern photo booths are connected to the Internet, allowing users to upload their pictures directly to social media. Give them this option, and populate each photo you upload with hashtags and links directly related to your company.

Get Their Emails

Companies often struggle to get visitors to accurately write down their emails at trade shows. To make sure customers write their emails down correctly, offer photo booth participants digital copies of their photos by email. This will give them an incentive not to write down fake addresses. Moreover, when you send their photos to them, you can include coupons, special offers, and other company information in the email above the photo, ensuring that they’ll read your first promotional message.

Promote with Props

When using a photo booth to promote your brand, you can gain further publicity by giving visitors props and costumes to wear. This will provide visitors more creative opportunities, making more likely to post their pictures on social media sites or show them to friends. For best results, choose props that are related to your company, and try to work your logo in. If you’re a sports company, for example, let customers wear or hold sports equipment with your logo on it; if you’re a magazine company, let customers hold a giant copy of one of your issues.

The Snap Boxx provides photo booths for corporate events, music festivals, conventions, and numerous other corporate event occasions. For affordable photo booth brand promotions, visit our website today.

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