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Tips for Using a Photo Booth at Your Wedding

Wedding photographers are standard  these days but renting a photo booth at your wedding will undoubtedly provide something special. Your guests will get out of “selfie mode,” and they won’t have the pose shots of a wedding photographer. Instead, you’ll be privy to the candid and fun pictures that people can’t help but take in a photo booth.


The Value of a Wedding Photo Booth     Photo Booth Rentals Boston

Wedding photo booths have become one of the latest trends in wedding planning. There’s a good reason why: it adds so much to your wedding. It begins by being entertainment for your guests. Everyone loves getting in front of a photo booth and taking crazy pictures. Especially when wearing their formal wear.

The fun continues by providing timeless pictures for everyone to enjoy. The best wedding photo booths allow guests to immediately share their pictures to social networks or send them via email and text. This is why so many people in the Boston area are starting to rent The Snap Boxx for their events. The open air layout plus the ability to share the images instantly on social media or via text set the Snap Boxx apart from other local vendors.

Make Sure to Provide Props

Props take the photo booth fun to the next level. Picking props for guests to use when they snap their pictures is a part of modern wedding planning. The best props will be coordinated with the theme of your wedding reception. You might consider “Great Gatsby” themed props, such as boas, hats and 1920’s jewelry. You can make your own props or rent them from a costume company.

Where Should You Put the Photo Booth?

The right placement of your photo booth rental is vital to the entertainment value. Ideally, the wedding photo booth rental should be placed in the same room where all the dancing, dining and fun is being had. However, it should be far enough away from the speakers so that guests can coordinate their poses. If the booth is too far away, guests might not be able to make it back for important toasts or other events.

A photo booth rental for your wedding is something you and your guests will enjoy. Not only will it add a little something extra to the reception, but you and your guests will have memories for years to come.




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