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Three Reasons to Rent a Photo Booth for Corporate Events

From TV spots to billboards to witty Tweets and Facebook posts, modern advertising takes many forms. The most effective companies can turn any event into an advertising opportunity, showcasing their company’s teamwork, expertise, and responsible work environment. By deciding to rent a photo booth for corporate events you can transform a mundane office party into an effective way to get more online engagement.

Viral ViabilityPhoto Booth for Corporate Events

Thanks to Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites, a single picture can reach hundreds of thousands of viewers in a matter of hours. No one can predict the next photo to go viral, but the more pictures your employees take at company events, the more likely it is that your company will produce a popular photo. Modern photo booths allow your employees to upload their pictures directly to social media; over the course of one night, your employees might create hundreds of funny or heartwarming photos that reflect positively on your company. The low cost of renting a photo booth can thus give your company more positive exposure than thousands of dollars in marketing services can achieve.

Enduring Exposure

Even photos that don’t go viral can still bring in customers through long-term publicity. Employees often put their photos on their refrigerators, walls, car dashboards, or in photo albums, where friends and family members will see them every day for years to come. Regular exposure will ingrain your company in these people’s minds, so that whenever they need one of the services you offer, they will think of you first.

Instilling an Image

Besides making prospective customers aware of your company, photo booth rentals also make them more likely to purchase your services. Consumers value the human element in the companies they buy from. A company with a reputation for taking good care of its workers, fostering workplace friendships, and planning fun events is more likely to appeal to customers than one that merely offers good service at a low cost. With photo booths, employees will document the best moments of your events, contributing to an enticing corporate image.

The Snap Boxx makes it easy to rent a photo booth for corporate events in the Boston area. Call 617-658-3144 or visit our website to publicize your company and entertain your employees in one fell swoop.


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