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Photo Booth GIFS

Animated Photo Booth Gif Files

Animated photo booth GIFs are all the rage these days. The Snap Boxx’s software allows us to do just that. Take a collections of 3 different photos and patch them together to make an animated GIF file that you can share with you friends on the web. By creating animated GIF files we’re able to bring your party to life. Not only can you have pictures and print-outs on the spot, but you can also capture your friends and family in motion with these super trendy GIF files.
Photo Booth GIFS


Although you can’t print out an animated GIF file they are still incredibly popular. You follow the same procedure as you would when taking your 3 photos, then once completed, we give you the choice of making them into a photo (to be printed or shared online) or an animated GIF (which you can send to yourself via email or text to be shared later). Even if you pick the GIF option but you really like the 3 pictures you can simply press the “back” button on our touchscreen photo booth and have the same image  printed out into a take home picture.


GIF Booth: Create Photo Booth GIFs

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