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Open-Air Photo Booth

Open-Air Photo Booth: The Modern Photo Booth

One of the things that people like the most about the Snap Boxx is that it is not a typical photo booth. Traditional photo booth rentals come with a large stand alone box that you typically need to walkin, or sit behind a curtain, and take a picture. The Snap Boxx is a new breed of photo booth called an “open air photo booth.” This new genre of photo booth does not include a curtain or area to walk in – it simply stands alone and allows guests and user to stand in front of it while it takes a picture.



One way that the booth is able to do this is by having excellent flash and lighting capabilities. The flash on the Snap Boxx is extremely powerful – powerful enough to not need a dark enclosed space to take amazing pictures. The light reflects off a white flash umbrella and perfectly diffuses the light, enabling it to capture the perfect picture.01_DropShadow


Another huge advantage of open-air photo booths is the size needed to use one. Since there is not surrounding structure you’re simply limited by the height (only 7 ft) and the space needed in front ofthe booth to capture a full picture of your guests (again about 6-7 feet) This allows the booth to take up less room at your venue and fit into areas that a traditional booth just can’t.

Social Media Capabilities:

In addition to its size, excellent pictures, and easy transportation open-air photo booths typically have much better technological capabilities than other booths. Since the screen used to take pictures is a Windows Surface Pro 3 tablet we can continuously update the photo booth software to reflect the latest updates and new features. Some of these features include social media sharing, the ability to create animated GIF files, the ability to text pictures to yourself, and of course the ability to print straight from the machine.

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