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How it Works

open air photo booth

Step 1:

Once you’ve booked your date with us you’ll need to choose your backdrop and your print template from our options (or use our photoshop template to make your own!) Learn more on our custom print templates page.




open air photo booth

Step 2:

An attendant will deliver our open air photo booth and backdrop to your event and get everything setup an hour before the event starts. Read our FAQ page for more info on logistics.




wedding photo booth

Step 3:

Once everything is setup strike a pose in front of the backdrop and  press start on the touchscreen in the front of the booth. A countdown begins and then 3 photos are taken with a 3 second interval in between each shot. This is perfect for creating 3 poses in your custom prints or creating an animated GIF!




boston photo booths

Step 4:

Once done you can grab your custom photos from the printer at the bottom of the booth. Also, you can share your photos instantly via Facebook, Twitter, Email, Instagram or text.





rent a photo booth boston


Step 5:

After the event you can view and download your photos online.  Share the link to your custom page with your friends & family via our Find My Photos tab.



rent a photo booth boston