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Photo Booth Props

Photo Booth Props
Regardless of what type of event you’re hosting it’s almost always better to have a good set of photo booth props ready for your guests. We always suggest that guests feel free to bring their own props in addition to the basic props that we bring to every event.  Some of the basic props that we bring include:

photo booth propsSpeech Bubbles: Blank thought or speech bubbles that you can write on with chalk are always fun. You can include special messages to the person hosting the event or just write something funny and hold it up while taking the picture

Funny hats, mustaches, etc: One kit we have comes with an assortment of funny hats, mustaches, and lips that all attach to small wooden sticks that you can hold up for the camera.

Sunglasses: For most events we try to bring an assortment of different sunglasses for guests to wear while getting their picture taken.


Or Make/Bring your own: Often it’s great when the host can help design and bring in props that are special to the event.  This could be anything from custom t-shirts with the name of the Bar Mitzvah boy or to custom branded chatchkees for corporate events.