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Photo Booth Backdrops

Photo Booth Backdrop Options:Photo Booth Backdrops


Currently the photo booth backdrop is fully up to you. We can provide a backdrop stand (as well as a plain white backdrop option), however if you want to get creative we usually let the client choose from a number of the following options.  Checkout some of the most popular options below:



1. Use the wall at the venue:

This can often be the easiest and most practical option. When you book you booth we’ll get in touch with the venue and coordinate the best location for setup.


2. DIY:

You can bring your own backdrop and bring it to the event to be setup. Examples of custom backdrops ideas you can make yourself can be found HERE



3. Buy one online/use a shower curtain:

With so many options online you can buy your own and send it to us before the event.  Ideally the size should be about 8 x 8 ft and definitely no smaller than 7 x 7


List of Sites that Sell Backdrops:

Drop it Modern (The best backdrops. I always buy the ones on sale. Get the 9×9)

Box Drops (I recommend the 8×8)

Accent Banner (Awesome Local Banner and Flag Company – excellent customer service)


4. Green Screen Backdrop:

A green screen allows you to stand in front of a green curtain and digital project any image that you want to replace it. It’s perfect for corporate events because you can create up to 6 backdrop options including one’s using your company’s logo. With a green screen photo booth you can even have guests pick which backdrop design they’d like before taking the picture. (Click to Learn More)