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3 Ways Hiring A Photo Booth Enhances Weddings

Your wedding will, no doubt, be the most memorable day of your life. Why not preserve those cherished memories with the help of a photo booth? Not only will this provide a unique perspective of those special wedding day festivities, an open-air photo booth rental will entertain your guests and their many social media followers.

Great Entertainment For Wedding Guestshiring a photo booth

Although booze and a big dance floor allow for plenty of entertaining moments, not all wedding guests are particularly enthusiastic about consuming alcohol or dancing up a storm. For those with two left feet, it’s nice to have an alternative form of entertainment available. Even seemingly shy guests are willing to let loose when allowed to pose with silly props and costume pieces. Guests can also print the pics and add them to a photo book along with a custom note just to you! Brides and grooms love to keep these photo books to look back on in the future.


Extra Special Photo Documentation

Photographers and videographers do an amazing job of capturing the grace and elegance of a wedding, but for a true representation of the unique personalities of the bride, groom and their guests, it’s best to invest in a photo booth wedding party rental. By hiring a photo booth, couples can capture a more relaxed and down-to-earth side of an otherwise formal affair. What’s more, photo booths offer both physical and virtual documentation for wedding guests who otherwise may have lacked access to photos and videos of the event. You can also use the prints to make a photo book with notes from guests that you’ll look back on later.

The silliest wedding booth photos are those featured in popular gif booth collections, which merge several hilarious photos into one memorable moving image. There is no other type of wedding documentation quite as quirky and fun as a photo booth gif.


Post-Wedding Social Media Fun

From selfies to wedding dance videos, reception guests love showing their social media followers how much fun they’re having. Although viewing and commenting on the typical wedding selfie is fun, it’s even more entertaining to see how friends and family members made use of silly photo booth props. Guests love to post these goofy pictures on Facebook and Instagram and joke about their photo booth shenanigans.  After their big day is over, the blissfully wedded couple can relive some of the wedding’s finest moments by viewing photo booth highlights via social media.  Animated GIF files also make for hilarious memories of your friends and loved ones.

Inject an extra element of charm into your already memorable wedding reception with an open-air photo booth. You and your spouse will enjoy looking back at wedding photos and gifs in months, years and decades to come.